If you haven’t noticed our country has gone full-on hysteria mode. I’ve been doing some hunting over the last couple of weeks and the stores look like a hurricane or 100-year blizzard is coming. And not just a few, ALL of them. Now I’m a big headline reader and mainly rely on NPR 5 minute stories for my “in-depth” coverage of the world’s events. So based on everything I’ve exposed myself to I would say the world is coming to end. But, it’s really not. It’s just a strong flu. Now, don’t get me wrong the flu sucks. A really strong flu sucks even worse. On top of that, the flu kills tens of thousands of people every year, but still, it’s not like it’s Motaba from Outbreak that kills everyone within 3 days. Since when do we start closing everything because people are sick. I get that it would suck to get sick, but come on. Can’t we just wash hands and not cough on each other? Due to this hysteria, the economy is crashing. My daughter is out of school twice as long for spring break, yet nothing is open for us to go to. I finally made enough dough to go to TFCon Orlando and it’s canceled. I had a PTA conference coming up and a toy show, both canceled. Our entire life outside of work is on hold. Where’s the fun in that?

Without a bunch of activities to go to I have had a ton of time to open and sell toys. I’ve been enjoying my toys more than ever. Especially since the last Toy Fair, while not too much originality, really delivered on some nostalgia feels. Mattel made a strong Master’s Origins showing right after our last show. However, I think I’m most interested in their new Mega Contrux. What’s crazy is we got a ton of new news and leaks right after Toy Fair, but probably nothing so exciting as a bunch of TRU shelf tags. We got confirmation of 6″ movie Joes, a TBS Luke and Yoda 2-pack, and seekers galore.

Keep Calm and Toy On…Slick

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