Can you believe it? A new episode in just over a week? That episode being less than 2 hours? And we have started doing a live video stream? We hope this brings you a little extra joy in a time when we are increasingly needing it. Whether you have been laid off or furloughed, your family is getting on your nerves, you’re missing friends and family, or experiencing one of the other hundreds of things making life more difficult right now, try to find happiness in the little things. Daily family walks have been working for us. Fridays we splurge on takeout. After a week of cooking meals, that little break brings a big smile to our faces. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, sometimes just talking toys is all you need.

Speaking of the little things, I’m pretty excited for the Magic Square Soundwave, even more so the tapes. Even smaller, but just as anticipated is The Child, TBS-style. Masters gets the smallest of updates in Pixel-Dan’s interview with Bryan Flynn, as in nothing is coming. Lastly for Joe, we’re getting an amazing piece made up of a bunch of little pieces. Mondo’s 1000 piece puzzle featuring Cobra propaganda artwork from Jason Edmiston is a great buy at only $20.

We’ll see you even sooner…Slick

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