This time around we get a deep dive into the one-sixth scale and more specifically, Hot Toys. We welcome Chris Leddy from the Sixth Scale Scavengers. He, along with Lotus, give the inside scoop on high-end 12-inch figures and what that community thinks about the new Captain Rex figure and Hot Toys new direction of repainting figures. I think that Rex will be my first and hopefully only, Hot Toy. It seems like a good time and a great figure to dip that toe with. What say you? Do you Hot Toy, maybe some other form 1/6th scale figure?

As mentioned on the show, the man himself, Captain Rex, is pure joy in doll form. We get a really depressing God Neptune. Joe is once again a no-show, so the best thing we can do is talk about a Joe-scale Power Loader. Same with MOTU, so how about some Back to the Future figures?

To be…Slick

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