If you’re part of the group and listen to the show, then you probably have realized I’m horrible at remembering who posts what. Especially because I really do care, this always makes me feel awful. I read every post in the group. I respond to most. The ones I don’t are primarily because I don’t have much to offer. However, I have a habit of sharing posts during the cast and not remembering who posted them. This was the most blatant last show when I confused a post from Jonathan with Jeremy. I did it this show too. I just want everyone to know I’m really bad with names. There are people we have hung out and partied with for years and I don’t remember their names. I do a lot of “hey, man!” I consider myself a pretty personable guy, so why the hell can’t I remember names better?

We cover a lot of rumors this time around, but none more interesting than a bunch of new Mandos. They have a bunch of names I can’t remember. More rumors with even more interesting names are what could possibly be wave 3 of the Classified figures. MOTU had some big names in very small packages. That’s right, the World’s Smallest Masters are available for pre-order. The biggest news for Transformers, unfortunately, is for a big bot that I bet most people wish was bigger. However, at least he has a nice memorable short name.

I’m sorry, so sorry…Slick

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