“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” This is one of my most favorite quotes or prayers in this case. I was first exposed to this in high school as part of a court-ordered program. It has stuck with me ever since. However, even today I struggle with the wisdom part. It seems I am always trying to control every aspect of my life. It has helped in many ways, especially at work, yet it has been the bane of my existence in my personal life. It has caused contention with friends and even worse, been at the heart of some of the biggest fights I have had with Mrs. McFavorite. Now I see it manifesting itself negatively in how I raise Lil’ Miss McFavorite. Control is important, but things like empathy, consideration, and understanding can be much more beneficial when it comes to relationships.

If a 3rd party MP-scaled Astrotrain can be $80, I definitely think there’s something to this whole price control rumors that have been circulating for years. I love that the people at Star Wars loosen their control every once in a while and allow things like the “Certain Point of View” series. The second installment is due out soon. I think collectors wish they had a little more control over the styling of the new Classified figures but the new Cobra Commander shows it’s not always that bad. Since there’s no Masters news this time around, I’ll leave you with my favorite thing from the show, a 1/1 Cup Noodle plastic model kit. Even though Lotus and Swage thought it was ridiculous, I still get to feature it.

Now that’s what I call control…Slick

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