So I took a chance on this show. It was something I’ve done a hundred times before in the independently released audio-only version. I played a trailer for a show during Grab Bag. I guess the sound was so bad the crew had to narrate what was going on. Well only 12 minutes after the show I was issued a copyright claim by YouTube from Netflix. That means that within 20 minutes they (their AI) had reviewed the offending material and demonetized the video. The crazy thing is now any monetization from that specific video will be given to Netflix. Again, I have never done this for money, but because we played 2 minutes of video with extremely poor audio to promote their show during our 2-hour show, they will now earn the $.17 or whatever minuscule amount each of these episodes is making. That’s just a little inside baseball for people that care.

Well, it’s as close to con season as we’re going to get this year. Hasbro has bet on Walmart. We spend a good amount of time decrying this decision, but we’ll find out in two short days how it goes. As the Walmart listings increase for the ’86 Studio Series, I am getting very excited. I think we’re a little tired of these coded Star Wars listings showing up, but at least it means lots of stuff is coming. We debate whether yet another new Cobra Commander listing will finally be a hooded version and what Deluxe might actually mean. Walmart continues throughout the top 4 with the first sightings of the return of the MOTU Minis.

Walmart smwalmart…Slick

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