I have long preached about my incessant need to be cost-conscious. Or, as my wife would call it, insanely cheap. Just like that hard to secure pre-order or that find in the wild, I get a little serotonin hit when I get a good deal. Sometimes I buy things just because they are on sale and I might need them someday. Those purchases are easy to look back on and say, that probably wasn’t a great deal since I never used that item. The harder to see costs may be things not everyone considers. The number one being time. Being frugal takes a lot of time. I review deal sites multiple times a day, I read tons of reviews, and I walk clearance sections every time I go to a store. One trick I employ as part of what was previously known (and KOed by me) Slickonomics and now more elegantly named by Swage as Slickgistics, is the process of buying things at one price and if you find it at a lower price, buying it and returning it at the higher price. Don’t even get me started with the hours and hours I have spent on customer service communications trying to get them to honor deals. How about all the effort spent on toy drops? As you can imagine all of that takes a lot of time. So how much is your time worth? Is it better just to pay that convenience/secondary market markup? Do the math. Are you wasting money by being cheap?

Talk about not cheap. How bad do you want a Quintesson? $180 bad? That’s what the new MP-scale X-Transbot Dr. Egg will set you back. The new Hasbro Pulse Livestreams have not been a friend of people’s wallets either. Usually dropping at least one new toy, if not ten, these streams no long are simple “here’s what’s coming soon”, they are full-on ads for temptations available to order right then. Star Wars has one coming up. Movies studios are definitely being cheap, even a smaller movie like the Snake Eyes origin movie is getting pushed back as it seems we may not get to see a movie in theaters before 2021. While we have a quick story during the show, the big one doesn’t come until the end when we get breaking news of all the amazing Masters toys coming our way. I think Mattel, and Hasbro for that fact, have finally realized the adults by a lot of toys and most of them aren’t as frugal as I am.

Cheap isn’t always cheap…Slick

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