I have been on a bit of nostalgic kick since this whole pandemic thing started. However, I’m too lazy to dig into my archives, so it’s been whatever I can find on the ridiculous amount of streaming services we subscribe to. I’ve come across a slew of movies that tickle that nostalgia, but I start watching them and realize, I either watched them so long ago I don’t remember them at all or I’ve actually never seen them. The most immediate example is Time Bandits. I know I’ve seen this, but literally, nothing is familiar. It’s full-on British, which I love. Considering it was released in 1981, its production value is pretty damn amazing. Definitely a recommend for children of the late ’70s, early ’80s. However, a few years before or after that, it probably won’t resonate nearly as much. That’s the problem with nostalgia, it’s completely dependent on experience, taste, and most importantly age.

If you were born in the late ’80s, maybe Beast Wars is your thing. If so, WFC Kingdom looks to have you covered. For a kid born in ’75 like me, Return of the Jedi was probably your sweet spot for Star Wars. Well, the Retro Collection has got you covered. No matter when you were born hopefully, you can appreciate this amazing Arctic Scarlett and Sabertooth. Nothing new for MOTU since the amazing reveals at Power-Con, but stayed tuned, Mattel continues to impress.

The ’80s will always be best…Slick

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