Mrs. McFavorite and I spent our Labor Day weekend laboring. We were able to fill a 30 cubic yard dumpster. For those not great at math, that’s 22′ long, 8′ wide, and 6′ high. We could probably fill another too. During that debacle, it was painfully obvious I have too many toys. I throw out some random numbers during the show, but we rearranged 50-60 banker boxes, 30-40 plastics totes of all different sizes, and maybe 10-15 larger cardboard boxes. That doesn’t even include what’s in my laundry room, my office, and a 12′ by 10′ by 10′ shed packed Tetris-style. When it comes to a sheer volume of toys, that is FUCKING ridiculous!

This hoarding isn’t more evident than in my defense of the Studio Series Devastator Boxset. Something that is also a little ridiculous is the price of this 3rd party Bantha. As cool as it is, I don’t know how people can rationalize it. The new Joe movie is getting pushed back again, but that’s not stopping the new movie Classified figures from coming soon. There’s no new MOTU news, so let’s go with something Lotus thought was ridiculous, 1/12th scale accessories.

Don’t be ridiculous…Slick

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