Well, the first, and hopefully the last, Pulsecon has come to a conclusion. And similar to their previous efforts, the panels were pretty good, but the pre-orders sucked. Especially the Target ones, once again. I was on shit this time and got almost everything I wanted across retailers and the best price possible for the most part. However, while doing all these pre-orders I realized at least the non-exclusive stuff will be everywhere. Why I am pre-ordering everything? I’m someone that enjoys the hunt. With having everything locked in, will there be any joy hunting? I did the same thing for Toy Fair this year. I found myself just saying, huh, looks like that’s showing up, but mine is on the way. Sometimes it gets really annoying. I see something in the store for weeks before my pre-order even ships. I know, I’m the returning master so why not just buy it and return my pre-order? Just kind of done with the runaround.

This time around I’m going to address what we talked about in comparison to actual reveals via Pulsecon instead of my favorites. First up, is the complete absence of ’86 Studio Series. With multiple figures leaked already, why not at least address it? We’ve been covering the Holiday Troopers. Wow, that is some awful deco. They even joke about how Lucasfilm was super-hesitant about this, for good reason. For Joe, we knew what was coming with the “Retro” line figures, but I hadn’t seen anything about the FANG and I guess for good reason. Not a retro mold, not retro artwork. Call this Origins or something. Please do not call this Retro Hasbro. Finally, nothing announced about MOTU as this was Hasbro’s weekend, but at least we’re getting some new Thundercats.

You get what you need…Slick

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