Anybody following the show for some time knows I struggle with motivation. Not for the things I actually want to do, like collecting toys, being a Special Olympics coach, even being president of my PTA. However, when it comes to selling toys, even as they stack up in every corner of my house, there’s always something else for me to do. Now granted, those things may seem worthwhile. It’s the same with me cleaning the house every morning, helping Lil’ Miss McFavorite with her online schooling, making the fam dinner. What I really should be doing is selling. In fact, that’s what every collector should be doing pretty regularly. So much so, we’re going to do a special discussion show about it this weekend.

Hasbro had no problem selling their latest round of Joe Classified exclusives. Once again, it was us that had a hard time buying them. Something we all would love to buy, but won’t be sold here is an amazing life-size Megatron water gun. Super7’s Snake Mountain is still for sale, but you’ll probably need to sell at least a few toys to make space for that thing. Hasbro has now sold over ten thousand Mandalorian Razor Crests for a total of 3.5 million dollars. Now that’s what I call selling.

Sell, sell, sell…Slick

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