I know, you’ve heard it enough. I know I have, especially because we voted over a week ago. So if you’re one of the over one hundred million people (almost 70% of 2016’s entire turnout) that have voted early, we just get to kick back and see what happens. If you haven’t voted yet, I hope you’re going to get out there. I’ve never really cared for the most part how people feel about politics. There are amazing people on all sides. So no matter what matters to you the most, don’t make your voice heard, I think most of us have had enough of that, just get out there and make sure your vote is counted.

The votes are in and TFCon’s 3rd party panels are officially boring. I think the most riveting discussion was about HasLab’s Razor Crest’s newest stretch goals. Are you going to vote with your dollars? Classified gets some new/old news. I think the fans have been heard in regard to this line. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean the end of 4 inch super-articulated Joes and if does, can we at least get better distribution? Lastly, the only thing for MOTU doesn’t even have a link, just the sound of millions of fanboys crying as their Man-e-Faces and Scareglow orders are suddenly canceled.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…Slick

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