Alright, I hesitated using such a divisive term in the title. However, probably with the same zeal and unfortunately similar success of one of my favorite shows, “It’s okay, I’m taking it back”. I like using music lyrics for titles and come’on that’s just funny. What’s not funny is we are right back where we started, at least in my state of Colorado. All of my daughter’s activities have been canceled, schools are now 100% online, and no more dining at restaurants. We’re not back to March yet because we added a new highest tier, Purple, but we’ll be there by the next show almost guaranteed. That will be a complete stay-at-home order. Everybody realizes that our country, especially considering our resources, is doing the worst in the world with this right? We’re on track to double our deaths to 500,000 by March. Whether you get your news from Twitter, Facebook, or hopefully a real news source. You know what to do. Please do your part.

The toy companies are certainly doing their parts. Hasbro is just killing it with their HasLab projects. The Razor Crest becomes their most successful one yet. Joe product is slowly being revealed, but the 3rd parties are stepping up to fill the void. Speaking of 3rd parties, 4 Horsemen continue to absolutely kill it with the lack of 6-7 inch new MOTU being revealed. I’m a little sad that we’re not getting a new transformable Wheelie, but I’m still not mad at this Grimlock and ’86 Movie line.

They were fast like bunny…Slick

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