Well, it’s not the show’s anniversary. We blew by it a couple of months ago. It was our 12th. It’s Mrs. McFavorite’s and my anniversary. We’ve been married for 14 years and together for 20. It’s astonishing when I think of the commitment involved. The love, the hurt, and the time. What’s amazing is it seems like just yesterday I met this gorgeous woman who absolutely floored me. She had the perfect late 90’s outfit on. Bleach blonde hair with dark eyebrows, which has always been a trigger for me. It truly was love at first sight. Over the last 20 years, she has grown to be the strongest, most passionate, woman, mother, and wife I’ve ever known. I am thankful for every minute that has passed and I look forward to every minute to come.

No corny segue this time around, just my favorite stuff. For Star Wars, Regal Robot’s vintage carry case inspired wood plaques look amazing. Little pricey as expected, but still dope. Didn’t remember seeing the Deluxe Origins before but Cliff represented. Love that the battle damage effect is going to be there. The only Joe news has me less than excited. At least I’m happy I’ll be getting a “retro” Headmaster Skullcruncher even if it is just for the box.

Do you know what today is…Slick

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