People that actually read these things know change or lack thereof is kind of a theme over the years. In 12 years I haven’t changed very much even though I’ve really wanted to. There are also things in my life I wish I could change. Unfortunately, I have less power over those changes than I would like. I try and try and nothing substantial ever happens. It seems no matter how close real change seems it never comes to fruition. However, I still don’t stop working for it. The moment you give up, you are guaranteed nothing will ever change.

What a year it has been for toys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much product in my life. Maybe it’s because the whole pre-order revolution really caught on this year. Maybe it’s because the toy companies see their window closing for our generation. Either there are some amazing things to look forward to. Classified has been a breakout line with lotsa new stuff on the way. Unicron will probably be the biggest toy, literally, of 2021 and Hasbro is trying to ensure it gets to you safely. 2020 saw a lot of crossovers between lines, universes, and even fiction. Hasbro is certainly capitalizing on this. The Mandalorian is a key example and I know many are excited for the new TBS Bo-Katan. Nothing new for MOTU this time around, but I have a feeling we’ll have a lot to talk about on the next show.

Here’s to the best year yet…Slick

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