We have been motivating like crazy around the McFavorite household. It has a lot to do with not drinking, but also with something else. That something else is me lowering my expectations of everything I do. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. So much so, it sometimes keeps me from getting something done and even worse, not starting at all. Mrs. McFavorite and Lil’ Miss McFavorite have taught me quite a bit about things being good enough. Previously that was unacceptable, but as projects mount, sometimes things just need to get done. And while not necessarily perfect, I am proud of my accomplishments.

Speaking of cutting corners, literally, I’ve been on a model kit tear lately. I’m really interested in the new Flame Toys Furai Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. I never really liked unarmored humanoids, but I’m in at least for Storm Shadow. In another way to cut corners, Hasbro has yet another seeker repaint on deck, but this time it’s a must-buy for me. I absolutely love the G2 Ramjet deco. Want a deep cut? No, not of the corner persuasion, but in the Black Series line. Look no further than the rumored Marvel Comic’s Jaxxon. Who doesn’t need more bunnies in their action figure collection? Not that I care, as I’ve never been a big fan of this vehicle, but I’m sure most people hope that Mattel doesn’t cut any corners with the new Origins Wind Raider.

Any job doing, is worth doing alright…Slick

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