Man, it has been a helluva last two weeks. I have been working 12-hour days between investor preparations, our largest school fundraiser yet, and planning and promoting the tech meetup I organize. No time to open toys, barely time for keeping up with email and the socials, and as you may have noticed, posting this show. We are literally recording in 48 hours. This is on top of not recording Superbowl weekend, then Valentines. So, if you don’t watch us on YouTube it’s been almost 5 weeks without a show. I really hope you enjoy this one.

We talked about a lot of toys that are not in the “big 4” this time around. Instead of my favorite item from each of the “big 4”, I thought I’d highlight some items that kind of correlate to our favorite franchises. First, for Masters, we have the Four Horsemen’s All-Star Round 4 Vote. They continue to kill it with this line with some of the most active and ravenous fans out there. For Joe, the Final Faction line at Dollar Tree is definitely interesting. Backed by its own cartoon, backstories, and a dedicated page on their website, this line has potential, especially at $15 for the whole set. Since Black Series is dominating Star Wars, how about the “Black Series” of Jurassic Park. I’ve been impressed with the Amber Collection so far. Do you need 5 raptors, probably not, but they’re slowly introducing new molds. In probably the biggest reach, for Transformers, how about an Official Robo Force release. Built from the Glyos System, this is more of a building set, but at least they’re robots right? Well maybe, this should have been for Joe, as this drop, they’re featuring a Flash homage.

See you much sooner than later…Slick

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