Sorry for the delay in posting the show. That coupled with us skipping a show means some of you haven’t heard from us in over a month. To eliminate any delays, we encourage you to kick it with us live on YouTube every other Sunday. As much as I missed talking toys, there are a couple of other things I’ve been missing as well. First is my wife. That might sound strange as we’ve been around each other 24 hours a day for more than a year now, but we’ve also been around our kiddo for the same amount of time. Well, we finally got a reprieve and it was amazing! The main focus of our date was Kevin Smith’s Mooby’s pop-up, which was fun, but we still had the rest of the night to do whatever we wanted. That brings me to the second thing I’ve been missing, the hunt. The Target Clone Wars Black Series, Major Bludd, and most importantly the Keldor Kronis 2-pack exclusives have been hitting and man have I been hunting. The last one I needed was the 2-pack. It happened to show up in Boulder, only a short hour’s drive. So I suggested we head that way. We had a beautiful drive through an amazing canyon, strolled downtown Boulder, and completed the Target trifecta. It was an amazing date night, with just a little bit of the hunt thrown in.

This show’s favorite things are super-easy, but unfortunately, I may never own some of them. First up was the 86 Studio Series reveals. Luckily these are all mass releases and easy to secure. Not as easy to secure, but just as amazing, the Target exclusive Clone Wars-carded Black Series figs have been hitting stores everywhere. Some of the best MOTU exclusives ever will be hitting nowhere except the secondary market. These Power-Con exclusive figure, beast, and accessory packs are going to be the most expensive Origins items ever unless they can figure out how to do a second run. There was nothing great for Joe this time around, but we had an amazing time talking about the ridiculous Malaysia G.I. Joe Adventure Camp that is coming soon.

Here’s to your favorite things…Slick

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