In our family, things always tend to turn into an adventure. Sometimes it is just a happy-go-lucky string of incidents that makes things a little more interesting. Other times it’s a complete and utter shit show. So saying something is an adventure is our way of putting a positive spin on life’s little obstacles no matter how severe they get. The true test arises when you have to overcome an insurmountable amount of these obstacles. You know that feeling that absolutely nothing can go right. How do you deal with that? Do you put a smile on your face, keep your chin up, and muscle through it? Or, do you buckle, get frustrated, and shut down? For some people, the previous comes easy. For others, the latter is the norm. Which one are you?

Target has had their fair share of bumpy rides when it comes to their exclusives, but they’re trying to do right by collectors with their Geek Out event. One of the things a lot of people can’t just grin and bear is the War for Cybertron trilogy, especially the new Kingdom series. Personally, I love supporting media for toy lines, even if they’re not the best stories ever told. However, the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Revelation trailer looks to be the type of animated toy porn most fanboys are clamoring for. Star Wars tends to do the opposite. They create media that eventually inspires toys. Their new Visions project looks like my kind of adventure.

Gotta keep your head up…Slick

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