I can’t believe it. Now, I’ll never really be completely caught up because I have literally hundreds of projects I would love to accomplish. However, you can tell I’ve got most everything off my immediate to-do list if I’m getting the show out in only 3 days. I even got my first big chunk of stuff posted to eBay. You can check out Rock’s, Cliff’s, and my eBay links under Hosts on openyourtoys.com. I would love it if you would add a Saved Search for our items. If you follow that link, it shows items from all three of us. This is all going into our family taking a break from activities too. For the first time since Lil’ Miss McFavorite was 3, there’s no swim lessons, gymnastics, taekwondo, pottery class, basketball, Special Olympics coaching, absolutely nothing. I can’t wait!

Well, there was still no Comic-Con this year, but man there were some amazing things announced that I can’t wait for. Hopefully you were able to score some Mattel exclusives, I know a lot of people were not. I lucked out and was able to grab me the Scareglow and Sarge. While not necessarily an SDCC thing, the color-changing Pulsecon Exclusive Zartan looks to be a must-have for a lot of people, including me. One of the things I’m most excited about is the new Gendy Clone Wars series figs that launched at the beginning of Comic-Con. Lastly, while he’s getting a lot of hate, one of my favorite reveals was the new Reformating R.E.D. Megatron.

Life is good…Slick

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