I think this may be the fastest I’ve ever got a show out. I’ve just been motivating like crazy today. I’m excited to get back to posting some toys for sale. So if you haven’t yet, check out my items for sale at https://ebay.com/usr/jasonspiller. If you click the link you can “Save the search” to be notified anytime I post new stuff. I had a lot of fun on this show. We didn’t cover a ton of topics, but we did deep dive and tangent enough to get to almost three hours. I am loving the new live format. If you’re an OG audio-only listener I hope you’re still getting the same amount of enjoyment, if not more. The next episode would have been slated for Labor Day weekend, so we won’t be recording. We’ll see you in a month.

This week we had some controversy, maybe, so I’m going to focus on some of our more controversial news stories. First and foremost is the renaming of Slave 1 to The Firespray. Where do you stand on rewriting history? The new MOTU series and toys are bound to split fans. Seems like some fans just can’t get down with kid-based stuff. Would you support a Victory Saber HasLab project? What if it was $300? Do you support things to simply support the brand? Lastly, it looks like TRU will be back in the form of pop-up shops in Macy’s. If their online site is any indicator of what the offerings might look like, collectors are not going to be happy.

See you later rather than sooner…Slick

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