Time has been in short supply lately. That’s why I love moments like this. I’m sitting here with my daughter watching her first slasher movie. I guess not her first because she watched Fear Street on Netflix, without permission I might add. If you haven’t seen it, it’s respectably scary, not to mention gory. So, now we’re testing the waters with franchises that her friends love. We started the first It!, but she got distracted pretty quickly. I figured Child’s Play wouldn’t be too bad. Well, she thought it was really scary. I asked why because I feel Fear Street is much scarier. She said the killers weren’t real in Fear Street, but dolls are real so it’s scarier. Gotta love the logic of a child.

There were some things I loved this time around that are not based on much logic. Super7 keeps sucking me in with their ReAction deep cuts. It doesn’t take much to get me excited about a TF Joe crossover, even it’s just a passing resemblance like TFC Tyrant, i.e. Dominator Megatron. I can’t quite figure why I like the George Lucas Black Series figure. I think it’s just so goofy, it deserves to be in my collection. What doesn’t take a lot of logic to know why I love it so much is the Revelation Stinkor. He is absolutely beautiful and I love that it has an extra masked head.

Good times…Slick

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