I really needed yesterday. Yes, I said yesterday. I am actually getting this out the next day for what I think is the second time in 13 years. It had been a rough couple of weeks for multiple reasons. Especially when you have a family, sometimes you just need some friend time. I got to hang out with my best friend and watch a Saints game at a movie theater of all places. They lost, but it was still amazing to watch a game on a truly big screen. Then 3+ hours with the OYTC OGs. I think history can really affect romantic relationships over years and years together. Sometimes it seems nothing either one of us says can make the other person happy. No matter how involved you are with family, and don’t get me wrong they always come first, make sure you’re not neglecting your friends. Even the ones you can’t meet with face to face.

While it was amazing to talk to my guys, it wasn’t without its controversies. I personally loved the adidas Transformers crossovers, but nobody else did. No MOTU news, but about as close as it gets is the Party Wagon from Super7. Lots of different takes on its price. It even gets compared to Snake Mountain. The only thing Joe this time around was some grab bag comic news, but we couldn’t agree on if this is a good thing or not, or if we even cared. The one thing that we all agreed on is the HasLab Rancor is going to fail.

Playing with the boys…Slick

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