I just had two $1000 weekends in a row. The first was for our anniversary. We stayed at the most luxurious hotel I have ever been to. It is one of the top 10 hotels in the country. Their “Hall of Fame” includes every president in the last 50 years and almost every really big star you can think of. The opulence was overwhelming. You would think I would be in heaven, unfortunately, it just made me uncomfortable. This weekend I opened some of my first “high end” toys to the tune of just about $1000. While everything was impeccable including packaging, presentation, and quality. I just didn’t have a lot of joy playing with them. I think I was too worried about breaking something. They definitely looked out of place with the rest of the toys I opened. I think I’m either too cheap or just can’t enjoy spending that much money when Embassy Suites and toys from Hasbro and Mattel feel more my style. Just goes to show money can’t always bring you joy.

Speaking of Hasbro and spending money. Some of us spent a lot of money on HasLab projects, but not as much as we could have. So the most I’ve ever spent on a toy was Unicron. And while it brings me tremendous joy I am literally afraid to transform it. The biggest story I think was the Rancor failing, not miserably, but it was pretty bad. Even the last-minute addition of the Rancor Keeper couldn’t save it. I think $350 was just too much. I was on the fence about Victory Saber, just not really my Transformers. However, after unlocking everything, $180 seemed like a good value. Now we get to see a sampling of the parts that will go into him. Just a day after the Rancor failed, the Sky Striker looked destined to meet the same fate. Similar to the Rancor Keeper, an added Cobra 3-Pack and a pretty cool marketing ploy didn’t seem like it was going to pull it off. Whether it was speculators moving their money from the Rancor or FOMO once it looked like it was going to make it. It came close to unlocking every stretch goal by almost doubling the number sold in just one day. In addition to all that, you get to see me buy a toy during the show and almost immediately regret not buying two.

Tis’ the season…Slick

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