Another 3 hours plus. I am really growing to love these long shows. I think my only regret is not getting more time to just talk with the guys “off the record”. While I love talking toys, we have some amazing off-air discussions too. However, when the show runs long we have to jump off due to different obligations for each of us. Which reminds me, anytime any of you would like to join us, just let us know.

The Joe Fan First thing was pretty great. Lotsa repacks, but hey at least they’re “vintage packaging” 🙁 Since there is hardly any MOTU news nowadays, let’s go with these amazing Thundercat villain statues. Always advocating for MFT, I’m loving their Trailbreaker. Then to end on a down note, we’re in for another round of price increases. Star Wars is taking full advantage of this in the form of hundreds of Mandalorians.

That’s what she said…Slick

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