I had my first eye exam ever this week. It was eye-opening :), to say the least. I’ve always prided myself on having 20/20 vision, especially since every single person on both sides of my family has required glasses. Well a couple of months ago, looking at things up close got a little fuzzy. The whole battery of tests was exhausting. Luckily it looks like I just need 1x readers for up close. I was surprised to hear that I could use glasses for seeing distance if I wanted. Only a .25 prescription for now, but the doc said it’s only a matter of time until I’ll need them. I think the most interesting thing is just experiencing something most people have done year after year for most of their lives. This includes Mrs. McFavorite and Lil’ Ms. McFavorite. They both have some of the worst eyesight you can have. I have just a little more empathy than I did before. That’s never a bad thing.

As it should be, the Fan First days continue to be the highlight of toy reveals nowadays. These replacements for Toy Fair and SDCC continue to produce at least one or two gems each time. For Transformers we got our first official looks at Leader Sludge and a new Junkion. For Star Wars, the Nightbrother was dope, but what was really interesting was their “Pipeline” reveals. With so much Twilek love in Book of Boba, I’m glad to see Aayla Secura finally coming to the Black Series. The big news Joe-wise was the tease of Hiya securing a license to make figures. It’s not 100% clear if they’ll be doing 1/18 and/or their new 1/12th scale, but excited to see what they come up with. Mattel got a little more woke with their latest wave of MOTU Origins. Not sure how I feel about what seems like such a forced effort, but I applaud any effort that combats centuries of unenlightened thinking.

Don’t cry for me Argentina…Slick

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