We had a helluva toy week, man news like crazy. I think the lead got buried, unfortunately. The price hikes. Yikes! We touch on it casually, but what’s your limit? How much are you willing to pay for 4 inches, 6, 7, 12 inches of plastic? A little less noticeable, but another big factor for me at least is quantity. By my very scientific tracking, they are producing 2-3 times more product across the brands than just a few years ago. When is it too much? When will you stop or least slow down?

That Joe 40th stream was amazing. Especially the digital reveals. The Insectitrain is one of my favorite Transformers concepts ever and we might get it in legends-scale. If you’re a fan of reissues, you can now get some minty assassins. The Saurozoic Warriors aren’t Masters, but I love them like they are.

I’m at my limit…Slick

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