Last week we talked about value in regard to current pricing. It really got me thinking. We went to In-N-Out here in Colorado for the first time. It’s been years since we have been in California and so it has been years since we’ve got a Double Double (Animal-Style for me please). It was amazing, but we were so disappointed in the fries (Animal-Style of course). And they were more expensive than the burgers. We have evolved to a different style of fry and cheese sauce. There’s just no value to them for us anymore. It’s just what we would always get. Toys can be that way. And, I’m not talking about financial value. How much happiness do your toys bring you? Are you buying things just because you always have bought them? What percentage of them truly put a smile on your face?

I’ll tell you what will always put a smile on my face, the Horde. That’s what made the new MOTU reveals so exciting. I’m not a Bot Bot guy, but an Autobot symbol and a cat lady? Yes please. The new GameStop exclusive Republic Commando Fixer is truly a Gaming Great. See what I did there. The thing I think that made me the happiest, another wave of Joe Ultimates. While pricey, these things really make me smile.

I just like saying Animal-Style…Slick

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