I’ve found that people take feedback in two distinctly different ways. Constructive and critical. I’ve always viewed those as one and the same. It really just depends on how you view them. That can depend on who they’re coming from, the tone, and even the words they choose. Once you learn how to disassociate yourself from those biases, all feedback is constructive and what you choose to do with it is what ultimately matters. Much of the feedback I receive regularly gets dismissed as uninformed opinions. However, I give it the same amount of initial thought as to when I receive input from people that know much better than I do on any number of subjects. It’s only after this review, I categorize it as opinion or try to determine how to integrate it into my life moving forward. How often is your feedback opinion? Is it constructive or critical?

I think people were happy, for the most part, with the Fan First Star Wars event. Especially us, who love the EU and Disney’s new version of it. Something, that now in hindsight, might receive a little criticism is the Commander Class Motormaster that was leaked. Two things that received overwhelming praise and minimal feedback are Classified Dr. Mindbender and Mega Contrux Zombie He-Man. I think the only criticism we received live, was from opener-extraordinaire, AAA. He complained there was too much packaging. That was quickly categorized as opinion 🙂

A wise man evaluates both love and hate…Slick

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