I don’t know if peer pressure was coined in the 80s, but I know I heard a lot about it growing up. People were going to peer pressure you to drink, do drugs, have sex, and just about any other bad thing you can think of. It was true too, at least with my friends. Man, we would talk each other into the stupidest things. Eventually, it was pretty easy to figure out when I thought something was a good idea or not. As I got older, it was harder to tell when I was being peer pressured or when I was doing it to someone else. We tend to get more subtle with our manipulations to the point it can happen almost subconsciously. It doesn’t have to be a major life decision anymore, it can be as simple as where the family is going to eat. Are you being influenced? Are you influencing others? The most important thing is to ensure that it doesn’t adversely affect your life or the people around you.

Third-Party definitely influenced Hasbro with those ankle rockers. During these Transformers Fan First events, they are constantly touting those things. What happens when a 3.75 vintage line influences a vintage-style 3.75 line? A whole lot of people that do not care about the new wave G.I. Joe ReAction figures. With the new Silverhawks Ultimates getting more obscure, they’re starting to lose a little luster. Finally, I try multiple times during the show to get people to buy discounted Star Wars Legos.

Don’t influence, inspire…Slick

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