Since our shows run so long, I don’t often get a chance to really thank all of you that come out to support the live show on a regular basis. Whether you stop by, have us on in the background, or are mad active in the chat, we appreciate it so much. We would be talking toys no matter what, but it is so much more fun having other people provide their point of view, crack jokes, and most importantly correct/inform us when we have no idea what we’re talking about. So here’s a big shout out to (in no particular order): Brian Brink, Shane Montroy, The Cool Guy, KJ Smith, Kass, AAA, CowabungaDude, Joey Magana, Aboutfigs155, My Stichin Dolliverse, Paul Schrieber, Engineernerd, 4orty Sixand2wo, Peachy F Keen, and Mark Haddock. Thank you so much for your support! Oh, one other person I have to thank for his support is Jef Farnsworth. He hooked me up with some amazing McDonald’s transformers weeks ago and I keep forgetting to show them off during What We Got. They are beautiful Jef.

Lately, I’ve found myself supporting things I would not have in the past. As companies finally figure out that we will shoulder more cost we’re getting larger, more exclusive, and deeper cuts. Not to mention the proliferation of 3rd party non-Transformers projects. If you’re not careful you can “support” yourself into a corner. What about a third 3rd party Bantha? Or, a four-foot Metroplex? The latest Kickstarter ninjas could definitely use your support. Lastly, Hiya has my support for their 7″ Godzillas.

Just like Bartles and James…Slick

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