I am going down a crazy documentary phase lately. Working from home allows me to watch just about anything while I work. I did the same thing during the pandemic with war documentaries. However, instead of accounts of horrific world tragedies, I’ve been going down a rabbit hole of genius. From modern tech entrepreneurs to the much more interesting genius of artists. And because I’m not too worried about “fine” art, a lot of the art I’m talking about is music, Hip Hop specifically. The Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Tribe, Wu-Tang, basically groups I grew up with. To experience their genius, and sometimes luck is just straight-up inspiring. Now, what can a guy in his 40s take away 20-somethings creating magic? I think the biggest thing is that genius is rarely appreciated in real-time. You may love something as it hits, but to truly understand how amazing it is some hindsight is required.

In hindsight, what is truly amazing about the toys we talk about? Considering we talk about franchises that have lasted over 40 years, it could be said almost anything. However, we sure have a lot to bitch about, and for good reason. These should be better. So instead of featuring my favorite things from this show, let’s talk about the worst things from this show. The new “no plastic” packaging is the death of carded figure collecting. Ducks? We don’t need no stinkin’ ducks, especially Transformers ducks. I love plastic model kits and a $100 6-inch scale vehicle sounds amazing. That is until it has a ridiculous large Arashikage logo plastered on it for no reason. Since there is no Masters news as usual, we’ll pick on the 4 Horsemen. While the figures are amazing, who gives a 2-pack the name Furious Four?

What have you accomplished…Slick

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