This week let’s talk about alter egos. So I think I came up with Slick McFavorite back when everyone was trying to be anonymous on the Internet. It literally stems from a porn name conversation I had with my friends in my 20s. It’s served me well through the years. It allowed me to keep my professional, personal, and toy lives separate. So my professional and personal life intertwine and so do my toy and personal, but professional and toy lives seldom crossover. I’ve kinda adopted my Slick McFavorite as my party-boy persona. I’m literally talking shades of gray here, so there’s not a huge difference in all of these people. But, I definitely code-switch. Is that bad? What do you hide from some and not others? Do you act drastically different? Enough to have an alter ego?

I am still a sucker for repaints, but I have grown to really love drastically different designs of a character. No longer does a chromed Stormtrooper matter, but a concept design-based reimaging of characters like the Black Series Concept Obi and Vader, a yes, please. No thank you to black Primes, but hell yes to a minor retool to homage a vintage character like Ransack. Even new characters like Kol Darr, do not hold as much sway compared to getting 200x designs in Origins. So maybe it is more connection and its derivatives more than anything. Not worried about the Classified Rock n’ Roll, probably won’t get him either way. However, when it comes to Shipwreck, I want him to look like he walked right out of the cartoon.

Mr. McFavorite…Slick

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