Man, I’ll tell you what. While collecting has lost some luster for me, talking toys is more fun than ever. Our hobby has gotten a little out of control. I’m getting multiple boxes every day. It’s overwhelming. There are only a few things I’m even a completist about nowadays and still, the shipments don’t stop. I’ll post some mail calls in the group in the next day or two to show you how out-of-hand it has gotten. The constant pre-orders and then items shipping one at a time as they arrive just kind of ruins the experience. However, if you depend on finding things in the wild, that is so hit and miss you end up paying twice as much. What are you doing? Pre-ordering everything, pre-ordering nothing, somewhere in between?

Glad I don’t want to order too many of Super7’s Joe exclusives, but their ReAction set with Snake Eyes and Shipwreck in Cobra disguise and Cobra bot is amazing. Much less amazing was the TFCon 3rd Party Panel. I was all excited because I thought a Planet-X Snarl was something I needed, turns out it was Fansproject I’m missing. The MEGA Snake Mountain is a hot item, but I’m glad I waited on it. While Star Wars had a lot of great reveals, none were more exciting than me as a Black Series Stormtrooper.

Just 4 Fun…Slick

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