I’ve seen it twice this week on our wee little family group on the Foosbook. Posts showing nearly 100% retro-style toy hauls. Some unreleased, some redeco homages, but all totally amazing. They definitely know how to hit us in the feels nowadays. Considering I’ve been part of large companies that just don’t get their demographics, it’s great to see the major toy companies finally understanding that collectors outnumber or at least outspend their young counterparts. How many kids do you see in the isles vs people our age not shopping for birthday presents? I say bring it on!

While not necessarily retro, with a trip to the happiest place on earth on the books, the new 4-pack DroidFactory exclusive has 3 of my favorite Halloween-themed droids. And if Halloween isn’t nostalgic for you, I think you did it wrong. Think they’re not targeting us, the Classified Checklist from the last 3 years says differently. I always preferred some articulation in my retro, but the MOTU Little People are still killing it. Lastly, Micro Machines are back and now finally in G1-style with a Prime Playset.

I’m takin’ it back to the old school ’cause I’m an old fool who’s so cool…Slick


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