I think when we hear the words customer service, it reminds us of horrible experiences that cost us time, money, and/or sanity. Today I got to experience all three on both sides of the interaction. I got to experience the frustration of a rep repeatedly not answering my very specific questions and then hanging up on me. I also got to be bitched out by a mom whose kid didn’t get into a free after-school sponsored by my PTA because she didn’t fill out the registration form correctly. Normally I would just suck it up. However, if she doesn’t do it right next time we’ll have the same problem. So, I got to, as gently as possible, explain to her it was her fault her kid was disappointed. Please remember it’s a human being on both sides. Whether you’re the rep or the customer, you should treat that person like you would want to be treated.

Luckily with toys, we primarily worry about fan service. Man, this time around I think we got some great service. The G1 Jetfire Deco Valkyrie from Kitz Concept is amazing, if not pricey. Any toy based on McQuarrie concepts is going to be a favorite with me. Same thing with MOTU mini-comic homages, especially those of one of my favorite characters. I can’t think of better fan service than farming out your license so fans get even more product. Are you in on the HIYA Exquisite Mini Joes?

Golden Rule all day, every day…Slick


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