If you have any investments you’ve probably seen them take a hit this year. A hit may not really capture it accurately. I don’t like to use profanity too much when I write, but a shit is much more apropos. Whether you invest in crypto, the market, or real estate, it’s all crashed relative to just a year ago. Now I don’t like to consider toys an investment, but it’s hard not to see the correlation between their value and the rest of the financial world. So whether collecting is pure entertainment like Cliff, a side gig like Rock, or you’re somewhere in the middle like me, it’s probably going to be a while before you can consider toys an investment again.

Instead of my four favorite things from the show, I’m going to speculate on what will be worth the most money in 5 years. If it makes it all the way, the 31-inch Agora Model Prime is going to be worth a ton. However, it’s going to cost a ton too. Maybe we should be looking at increase in value. Since I wholeheartedly believe Pops won’t be worth much in the coming years, the Gamestop Exclusive G.I. Joe box will most likely lose the most value. I don’t have a lot of experience with multi-language packaging like BigBadToyStore is getting a ton of as I tend to avoid it, but I assume it probably lowers the value. What probably will top them all is the Black Series Droids Boba Fett.

Still tryin’ to get a peace of the apple pie…Slick


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