Since I’ve been doing these posts for 14 years now, I sometimes search my own posts to see if I’ve written about something before or possibly used the same title. Lo and behold, I wrote a post six years ago called Procrastination. Interestingly, it was right about this time of year. For the hell of it, I decided to read it. I could have copied and pasted it into this post. Literally, nothing has changed. It’s even spookier if you check out the articles I referenced in the second paragraph. They’re almost identical to recent news (queue spooky music). Don’t take my word for it, check it out, Open Your Toys Cast – Episode 114: Procrastination…

At least this show’s news was a little better. Well, maybe. A lot of people aren’t the biggest fans of these carded Black Series figures. But, I love them, including the next wave of ROTJ figs. At least they give people another chance at some figures they may have missed. If you were like me, you missed the Origins Camo Khan. Let’s hope we get another shot and that great international variant. People had plenty of chances to vote for the Cobra Tacticition. I voted like 5 times 🙂 Glad to see my choice won. Finally, we didn’t think it would happen, but the Death(a)saurus killed it. Not only passing the funding goal, but selling 50% more units in just 14 days.

Next year WILL be different…Slick


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