Well, it’s three weeks into the new year and I haven’t done anything in regard to toys except organizing and opening them. What’s crazy is I can vividly remember feeling the same way last year. While I am super busy, I’m not that busy. Why isn’t this getting done? What do I have to do? It just seems like things constantly interfere with my best-laid plans. It’s not a bunch of frivolous things like watching TV or being on my phone. Take yesterday for instance. I went to watch the Chiefs Jaguars game. Now, I had planned on getting my site up and posting my first products. However, I rarely see this friend and he’s going through a tough time right now. So what’s more important?

Here are my most important reveals from this show. For Transformers, the Furai Soundwave. While I cherry-pick ReAction, who doesn’t want Duke with a lightsaber or Snake Eyes with a trident? No Star Wars toy news this time, but I’m loving these Bad batch posters. Finally, Frog Monger sparked our JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) conversation. That still didn’t keep me from ordering three.

I did it my way…Slick


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