Hey, I finally made some progress. Not just on my space, but on my new website. I will soon be launching SlickMcFavoriteToys.com. There’s not much to see right now. Just the classic “Hello World” message, but within a couple of days I should be able to start listing things you can buy. I’m still going to post my high-dollar stuff on eBay, but it’ll also be found on my site for about 15% less. I haven’t figured out the shipping thing yet, but most likely going to do an $8 flat rate up to $149 and free after that. We’ll see. I have never done an eCommerce site before so there are still some things to work out. As soon as I have tested everything there will be a big post on the show page and in the group. I might even add a “Shop” link to OpenYourToys.com.

Shopping is one thing I haven’t been doing. However, I have been adding things to my JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) list like crazy. Including a bunch of canceled pre-orders, I have over 60 toys on there right now. We’ll see if I still want them in a year. Some things I can’t wait to get to buy from this show are as follows. What looks to be a Target Collectors’ Con exclusive, the Python Patrol Crimson Guard is beautiful. I can’t believe I have to wait a year to play with the new Legacy Tarn. I guess I’ll have to settle for my MMC version. Luckily, I had everyone I wanted from the latest wave of Black Series on pre-order. I can’t wait for that Bill Barr, I mean Bill Burr figure. The thing I have the most JOMO about is the Mega Construx Snake Mountain. It’s already down $80 from the list price. If it gets to $200, I might get FOMO instead of JOMO.

I’m doing it my way…Slick


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