The last couple of days have been a little bit of a blur. Yesterday would have been my mom’s 71st birthday. I don’t know why I celebrate her birthday by getting drunk. She divorced my dad because he was an alcoholic. She would only have a glass of wine every once in a while. Spoiler, I also celebrate her passing by getting drunk. Luckily, I’m not the falling down, yelling, unconscious kind of drinker, but I definitely don’t get anything done. Now today, I feel bad that I didn’t get anything done the last couple of days. Now there could have been much worse consequences. I don’t recommend anyone deal with loss by drinking, it’s a recipe for disaster. However, sometimes a bender just feels so good.

Amazing toys that I don’t want also feel good. Kind of like this Mondo Trap Jaw. Or, the possibly leaked Mandalorian Starfighter. While I love the tractor for the Armada Prime, I definitely do not need it. A Classified Dragon Fly probably would have been needed, but we’ll never know.

JOMO lives…Slick


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