I keep trying. And I mean trying hard but it’s not happening. I try this, I try that. Things just get in the way. And in the way. And in the way. I know it will get better. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. However, how long do you keep telling yourself something without it happening? It gets so frustrating. You want something so bad and you cannot will it to happen. I never give up. But, what do I have to do?

All these companies have to do is what they’re doing. They are killing it, but is it too much? How many Classified Joes did you pre-order in the last couple of weeks? How about 3rd party Transformers? Maybe a couple of new Origins figures? FOMO finally got to me and I had to grab the new mini Lego Super Star Destroyer.

Never going to let you down…Slick

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