I just spent the first part of my Sunday morning saving more than $100 on toys I’ve already bought. While this may be frowned upon, I feel it’s just being an informed consumer. I spend time being cognizant of prices and tracking prices, purchase dates, etc., to be able to do things like this. What it does do is give me that hit of serotonin. Especially 3 months into JOMO, I need these wins. Even if it is just saving money on toys I already own. JOMO hasn’t been too hard to this point, because I’m still getting a smattering of uncanceled pre-orders, but man do I miss toy runs. However, with 20-25% off at Target this week, they’re fair game. So, when I return I get to shop.

Nothing too exciting for Joe besides some new listings. We’re getting the inevitable repaint of the Volvo Prime. I really dig it but had no idea this thing was so small. While not crazy about the uncanny valley Luke in The Mandalorian, all the new Luke toys are very welcomed, including the new Training Luke. Saving the best for last was all of the MOTU Reveals. I mean, come on.

JOMO for life…Slick

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