I have been putting off writing the post for days now. It’s the only thing standing in my way of putting something else off. Why are there things I just don’t want to do? They’re not even difficult. It’s not like yard work or helping someone move. It’s just sitting around in a climate-controlled house. I can even have TV or movies on while I do it. Still, everything else comes first. Paying bills, responding to work support requests, and definitely anything I can do on my phone. I think I just need to do it so I stop fucking writing about it.

All of my favorites from this show you can put off. None of them are really required for any sort of collection. As much as I love Lady Slither and her articulated tail, do we really need her? I almost wish I had collected the Holiday Black Series figures from the beginning, especially because the latest batch is just killing it on a bunch of different levels. Another Transformers crossover to take or leave popped up as well. It looks great, but do you really need it? I don’t think anyone needs G.I. Joe ReAction figures, but the Sunbow deep cuts keep sucking me back in.

On to something else…Slick

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