Maybe not today. I don’t really even know the exact day. But, about 15 years ago, Mrs. McFavorite did our first “pilot” episode of Open Your Toys Cast. I dare you to listen to it. I can’t even imagine how bad it is. Not that in those 15 years, we’ve become some highly polished, ultra-popular show. It’s quite the opposite. We’re still rough and we’re actually much less listened to now than at our peak of like 5,000 downloads. I chalk that up to more choice than anything. We used to be one of only a few shows that talked toys at the level we did. Now it’s done by hundreds if not thousands. You know the great thing? I like it even better now. Our tight-knit, small community makes me more happy than any modicum of contrived “internet” success.

Hasbro Pulse Con was kind of meh this year, but it’ll be an easy field to pick my favorites from, so here we go. Believe it or not, I think the weird rock truck was my favorite Transformer reveal. I still have no intention of picking it up. I’m a sucker for the Old Republic, so the TVC HK-47 and Jedi Revan 2-Pack was easily my favorite Star Wars reveal. I think Joe continues to kill it. It seems so much so, people are getting burned out on the whole line. I’ve always been a huge Big Boa fan, but who can really beat that deluxe Metalhead? No news for MOTU, so go enjoy Mattel’s awesome Origins stop-motion videos. They made me a lot happier when I thought I had Lady Slither on the way.

The next show should be a blast…Slick

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