I saw this meme the other day, and it made me think of one of my favorite memes. The meme I saw went, “Become OK with being the villain in someone else’s story even if you weren’t. Never forget people will turn you into whatever it is they need you to be so that their internal narrative can make sense to them. So stop trying.” This is sad to me. While I admit there are always two sides to every story, some people think they never do anything wrong. Every job they have had was the worst job they ever had. Almost every manager and co-worker was out to get them. Every friend or family member has done them wrong. Even those who have stood by them for years and dared to be frank with them get dismissed. My favorite meme goes, “You run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. You run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”

No clever segue way this week, just the coolest stuff. The MOTU x TMNT crossovers have got us all excited. The revelation of the new Triple T in the Joe x TF crossover line sounds promising. Think Classified is killing it? The leaked listings prove that they are. While none of us collect Hot Toys, the new Ahsoka is yet another thing of beauty.

You are more than what you have become…Slick

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