That HISS drop hit like a bomb. I haven’t seen so many collectors so happy about something in a long time. I have only seen a couple of people complaining, and it was just minor gripes sandwiched with praise. Now me, I haven’t even opened mine yet. What are you waiting for, you might ask. I’m not sure; for something so pricey I always wait for just the perfect time. I want to be able to watch an iconic episode of the cartoon, have a drink, and focus on the joy. That seems harder and harder to come by nowadays. Trust me, it won’t be long.

Something equally well-received is the latest Figura Obscura from the 4Horsemen. Received not nearly as well, but still generating some excitement are the new O-ring Joes from Super7. I’m not sure Joe collectors will be so happy when they are $20+. Something that really impressed the crew this week was an intensely beautiful, or ugly, depending on your view, Threezero’s MDLX G2 Megatron. Not sure if it’s the piece or it’s ridiculous edition size of 50 worldwide. Something that obviously didn’t get a great reception was Hasbro’s Selfie Series; may it rest in peace.

Whatcha gonna do when HISS mania runs wild on you…Slick

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