So it’s the holidays again. I can’t remember the last time I had one that went smoothly. I get it; it’s over a month of family, friends, and obligations, but is it that hard? Is it really that hard to be around the people you love, or at least you say you love? It is for many people, and that’s okay. I am learning that no matter how hard you try, things can get a little messy, and that’s okay.

Toys are getting a little messy as well. You have what seem to be hits like the MOTU x TMNT Crossover that keep gaining steam. But then you have what we feel are flops like the Hiya Joe line and their new Gung Ho. Some are inadvertently messy, like making a 5 PoA line out of figures that were originally 5 PoA. I’m looking at you Phantom Menace Retro Collection. Some have got to know, right? Unfortunately, not the Transformers team. Or, maybe they do?

M. E. S. S. Y. You ain’t got no alibi; you’re messy. Hey, hey, you’re messy…Slick

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