Four years ago, I had a catastrophic injury to my ankle. It caused me to be resigned to the couch for over two months. I spent a lot of that time watching documentaries. Most of them were war-related. We have all seen the Hollywood movies, but the actual footage from war is so much more dramatic. It is so easy to put yourself in these people’s place from even almost 100 years ago, let alone from Korea or Vietnam. What would you do? How would you feel? You can see the real cost of war. Not only the billions and billions of dollars in damage but the millions and millions of lives lost. Why haven’t we learned this lesson yet? Whether you feel like you’re on the right side of history or not, everyone should know better by now.

No funny or clever tie-ins to collecting this time; besides maybe, there’s always a lesson to learn. Have you learned your lesson? Do you have a lesson to teach others? Don’t hold back. Instill your knowledge of history in the younger generation. Do whatever you can to make sure history does not repeat itself.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it…Slick

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