It’s the time-old question: do you have more money than time or more time than money? Do you eat out more than cook at home? Do you do delivery or pick things up yourself? What are the things that you sacrifice your hard-earned money for even a modicum of convenience? Through my Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO) experiments, I’m learning that pre-ordering equals convenience and saving money takes time. I’ve been following sales, hitting Rosses, and chasing clearances. The worst is when I finally relegate myself to the secondary market. The time it takes to monitor eBay and Mercari, looking for just the right price, shipping, ratings, etc., is exhausting. Where do you draw the line?

Let’s look at pre-orders this time around. I would definitely wait on the new TVC Clone Wars 4-Pack to save some money. I don’t think any of these Amazon multipacks have ever sold out before hitting ridiculously low prices. So glad I don’t do 1:6th scale. I’m not sure I could JOMO this amazing FigZero Snake Eyes. Something I probably would have FOMOed if I hadn’t missed it was the Target Exclusive Sla’ker. It combines two of my favorite characters in perfect harmony. I have allowed myself to pre-order all the Dr. Wu micromaster-scale G1 bots. I don’t want to mess around with these on the secondary market.

I seem to have always more time than money…Slick

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